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UK Motor manufacturer
Albion Solutions was brought in initially to support export documentation, based on an Albion Solutions implementation for a medical supplies company. Albion Solutions ability to mimic the look and feel of existing paper and system documentation was extremely valuable. This allowed a seamless switch to using Albion Solutions, followed by a series of step changes, moving to a more efficient way of working. A great deal of user time is saved. Thus, documentation that took an hour and a half now takes 7 minutes. Business rules were put in to identify and clean data errors (e.g. wrong documents for country or invalid codes for vehicle type). Covering vehicles rather than medical supplies or consumer items means very different business rules – all handled quickly and smoothly. This initially involved taking feeds and producing the export and other documentation. Albion Solutions then moved from taking data feeds to directly taking data from the feeder systems and updating and correcting the data in those systems. Additional functionality and rules were added to handle special circumstances e.g. exporting to certain countries involves highly unusual procedures unique to motor vehicles. Albion Solutions was able to replace manual processes for look up of codes with different sets of values for each country – thus greatly reducing error incidence. Albion Solutions takes data buried in identifiers to produce the specification of the vehicle, with different rules for each country. As Albion Solutions is SoX compliant, it has been allowed to directly update the financial ledgers in the (Peoplesoft) systems in America, with invoicing shipment details. The benefits from Albion Solutions are in getting the documentation done quickly – and done right. Mistakes in paperwork in some parts of the world can result in huge delays and even more serious consequences. Albion Solutions has become the place to go if you need to investigate anything Initially Albion Solutions was brought in just to cover export. As the capabilities for producing any documentation became apparent, Albion Solutions has been expanded to support the full supply chain, so every vehicle passes through Albion Solutions. Without Albion Solutions, the company cannot ship a vehicle. Since implementation in 2001, with every single vehicle passing through Albion Solutions, there have been hardly any support calls made – which is above average reliability for a highly tailored package implementation. Conclusion: This demonstrates the flexibility of Albion Solutions. To adapt a system to the very different export of motor vehicles under extremely difficult circumstances (company take-over) – without any hitches & providing a base for further, continuing expansion is a remarkable story.
Global medical products company
The initial application was to take data feeds from the existing systems plus two more bespoke systems and produce the various documents and reports required. This was done by Albion Solutions, as the existing systems could not be (easily) adapted to produce these documents from the existing three systems.
Each of the report requirements had variations, depending on various criteria such as country, client, goods and type. Albion Solutions produced the reports automatically by applying different business rules for the specific documents required relevant to country and customer. Typically, this reduced the time to produce a document from one hour to five minutes.
During the implementation, errors and inconsistencies were repeatedly found in the data feeds. Consequently, business rules were added to highlight these for manual correction.
More substantial support was provided for some surrounding processes. Albion Solutions provided the functionality to compare deliveries and orders and to both produce the credit/debit paperwork and provide the financial and statistical data – essentially becoming an accounting package.
The next phase was to take a separate feed with the pick list from the warehouse information and provide the various documents required relating to the deliveries and shipping. Documents for DHL and other carriers were produced. An add-on from this was to provide real time information on stock levels. Previously, the stock levels could not provide ear marking and goods intended for one customer got hi-jacked by a separate order.
It became clear to the customer that it was far easier and quicker to get relevant information from Albion Solutions than the host systems. The next development was to provide sales statistics. This involved providing comprehensive, real time, integrated sales and delivery statistics. In addition, government required reports (Intrastat and EC sales lists) were produced, along with internal documentation (e.g. invoice ‘appendices’)

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